Ambien is the new Date Rape drug

There are now hundreds of sites about Ambien (Zolpidem) as a Recreational and Fun drug.  I am calling this page Ambien for Fun, but some of the other sites are about Ambien sex, or Ambien addiction, but many, many sites use the word "fun" describing Ambien.  Be aware though that Ambien or Ambien CR alone or along with alcohol is a very potent date rape drug.

        AMBIEN and AMBIEN CR are both drugs with a high possibility for abuse.

Ambien and Ambien CR are manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Sanofi-aventis.* 

From their information sheet:

"Sleepwalking, and eating, or driving while not fully awake, with memory loss for the event (color enhancement mine), as well as abnormal behaviors such as being more outgoing or aggressive than normal, confusion, agitation, and hallucinations may occur.
Don’t take AMBIEN or AMBIEN CR with alcohol as it may increase these behaviors.

Taking Ambien and staying awake may give a person the impression of being  drunk as it may be very difficult to walk a straight line and their speech may become slurred.  Frequently though, he or she may appear to be totally conscious and alert but will not remember anything about what they did during that time.  This memory loss is one of the side effects of using Ambien.  Alcohol may increase the effect.  This is why young people are using AMBIEN or AMBIEN CR alone, or along with alcohol, as a very potent date rape drug

It is extremely important to get this information out, especially to parents of high school and college age children.  Read on.  

All central nervous system depressants, including GHB and Ambien, increase the effects of alcohol.  This can be dangerous for another reason (beside that of date rape). One of the effects of alcohol is getting drunk, becoming sick, and throwing up. If that happens to someone while drunk, on their back in a deep sleep after taking excessive amounts of GHB or Ambien, it is possible for the sick person to drown in his or her own vomit. Unlike GHB, which has a very strong salty taste, Ambien is tasteless and has the added effect of memory loss, so Ambien, not GHB, is a date rape drug, and the kids know it.

Back in 1998/99 - 2000, the press, with the help of some "unnamed anti-GHB organization", was mixing up the date rape drug Rufinol, or, as it was called on the street, Ruffies, with GHB so all of Rufinol's effects were erroneously said to belong to GHB and a bill outlawing GHB went through Congress.

In 2000, President Clinton signed the bill making the very inexpensive and wonderful sleep aid GHB into a date rape drug (giving it the same status as Heroin). That took it out of health food stores, and paved the way for Ambien to go on to record sales.  Somebody, or "some corporation", is still sending out press releases and misleading negative information about the "dangers of GHB".

While Ambien (or Ambien CR) is being used as a date rape drug, much of the abuse potential is in the form of "getting high".   College age and High School youth (and younger) believe that the feeling of being "tipsy" from Ambien (or GHB) is similar to that of being drunk, so try it alone for a cheap "high" (without the hangover of alcohol) at parties and "Raves".  Some use it along with alcohol to get drunk faster.   Ambien CR, crushed into a powder, is the "preferred" party enhancer and is readily available almost everywhere.  The kids get it from their parent's medicine cabinets and now even on-line.  

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Ambien has quickly overtaken illegal sedatives as the most common date rape drug and perpetrators of sexual assault have used it on unsuspecting victims.

Note that many date rapes do occur, not from Ambien CR put into some young lady's drink, but after that young lady has voluntarily taken Ambien to get high.  She may or may not pass out, but when "awake", looses her inhibitions, and can participate in all kinds of activities.  Whether from taking it herself or from some unscrupulous person putting it into her drink when she is not watching, with the memory loss, it becomes very hard for her to really know who did what and when, and testifying in court is virtually out of the question. 

It is important to get this information out to parents so that they will be more careful with their prescription Ambien at home so that their children and their acquaintances will not abuse it.  

The ingestion of zolpidem (Ambien) and other hypnotic sedative medications for the treatment of insomnia have been implicated in a number of strange sleep behaviors including sleepwalking, sleep driving, and sex, with no memory of it.  And there is no research to show that the "sleep" from these medications is a quality sleep.  Many people report that it may knock them out, but feel sleepy all day long after taking Ambien, Lunesta, etc.   Read what other people have written about this drug. You will find out that if you stay awake while taking an Ambien, you can have some pretty good visuals and get a drunken feeling without being drunk with minor, if any, side effects. 

There are hundreds of sites with information about the abuse potential of Ambien. 

If you want more information about Ambien as a Date Rape drug, here are just a few:


      Spread the word.  Send this page to parents, local law enforcement, teachers, politicians, and anyone you think it will help. 

                                                Thank you.   

                                                   This page created by Robert Ridgeway

*   Sanofi-aventis is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, ranking number one in Europe.  In the U.S., which is the fastest growing market region for the company, Sanofi-aventis, with 15,000 employees, currently ranks among the top five pharmaceutical companies. 

Sanofi-aventis sponsors many prescription assistance programs in the United States and is a member of the Partnership for Prescription Assistance.

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